Wacky Panda Slots

These days, online slot games are available in an almost infinite variety of styles, layouts, and subject matter. Even though newer, five-reel video slots are by far the most popular, three-reel slots are still very popular among online gamers. This is likely due to the sentimentality associated with these games. While the majority of these games make an effort to simulate the traditional land-based slot machines by making use of archaic symbols like cherries, bars, and 7s, some of them add a bit of variety to the experience by merging traditional fruit symbols with more modern graphics that is more captivating. One such example is the online slots game known as Wacky Panda. This 3×3-reel slot machine was created by Microgaming, and it is completely uncomplicated and straightforward. There are no fancy graphics or over-the-top dramatics to be found here; just some sweet and engaging potential winners.

It is a fantastic option for a game, particularly if you are still relatively new to the practice of playing online slots for actual cash. Now, without further ado, let’s have a look at what you may anticipate seeing on the reels of this enticing online slot machine.



Wacky Panda is played on a straightforward grid that is 3×3 reels in size and has just one payline. The smallest possible wager is just 0.01 credits, while the most possible one is 15. It is definitely excellent for those who want to play it safer, or at the very least those who are new to the world of online slots and want something easy and straightforward. As a result, it may not appeal too much to those players of online slots who like to risk it big. The absence of over-the-top animations and cut scenes contributes to the tranquility of the scenario, which is set against a backdrop of bamboo and a waterfall. Even the paytable is always accessible on the right-hand side of the screen, so you won’t need to constantly clicking tabs or buttons to learn how the payouts are calculated. This eliminates the need for players to waste time.


The actual symbols consist of a number of cutely depicted pandas that have been stylized in a traditional Asian fashion. The colors brown, blue, yellow, and purple as well as red are used to differentiate the pandas from one another. Then, you also have various fruity symbols, such as bunches of grapes, watermelons, and bananas.


Although there are no scatters, wilds, or other special in-game features in Wacky Panda, there is still the potential to hit a decent payout. This is because there are three different betting levels in terms of the number of coins, and betting on the maximum coin level could result in a payout that is 3333 times your stake. This is in keeping with something of a ‘less is more’ concept, which is why you won’t find any of these things in the game.


It’s interesting to note that there isn’t even an Autoplay mode, which means that you’ll need to give the game your entire attention throughout each spin. However, taking into account the calm and unhurried atmosphere of the game, this is definitely for the best.


Where to Make Your Bets

Wacky Panda is more likely to appeal to gamers that want gaming that is easy and uncomplicated due to the fact that it has very few bells and whistles, if any at all. If you prefer playing online slots for real money, this is still a great option for you, and it is accessible to play at the fantastic Royal Vegas casino, where new users can look forward to an incredible welcome offer of C$1200. Make your way there today and appreciate the calming and uncomplicated atmosphere that Wacky Panda provides.

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